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St Monica’s Primary is part of the diocesan system of schools for the Parramatta Diocese and, therefore, is bound by the policies and procedures for enrolment in a Catholic School Our main enrolment period is from the 1st April to 31st May in the year prior to the child’s entry into Kindergarten. However, enrolments will be considered at other times for all grades depending upon vacancies.

Enrolment preference will be given, in order, to:

  • Children of Catholic families who live in the local parish
  • Children of Catholic families from other parishes
  • Siblings of children already enrolled in the school
  • Non Catholics

Special consideration may be given to children of non-catholic families for:

  • Compassionate reasons
  • Family situations requiring a special pastoral approach
  • Parents intentions regarding their children’s faith development
  • Family circumstances involving family relocation
  • Enrolment of siblings

Catholic schools have a strong religious dimension and people of other faiths who wish to enrol in Catholic schools must be willing to participate in the religious activities of the school.

Further Information

For further information or to obtain an enrolment pack please contact the school office on
4570 3700.


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