Our Excellent Educators

Our teachers are caring and creative, challenging every student to achieve their best.

The staff at St Monica’s are passionate and committed to learning and sharing this with their students everyday.

Our skilled staff tailor the learning to suit the individual needs of students, and are lifelong learners themselves, taking part in regular professional learning to keep up to date with the latest advances in education. Our teachers ensure they get to know every student and plan their learning journey to best suit the way they learn. Our students benefit from the skills and knowledge of specialist teachers in Music, Drama, Sport and Italian.

If you wish to speak with a member of staff please contact the school on 02 4570 3700 weekdays between 8:30am to 3:30pm or use our contact form.

St Monica's Richmond Staff



Principal Mrs Melissa Beggs
Assistant Principal

Mrs Annemarie Bond

RE Coordinator Mrs Leanne Ryan
Leader of Learning Miss Judy Gray
Leader of Learning (LTST) Mrs Leanne Duval

Teaching Staff

Early Stage 1

Mrs Leanne Duval
Mrs Lauren Sultana
Mrs Ainsley McNichol

Stage 1

Mrs Teresa Valenti
Mr Nicholas Pearce
Mrs Danielle Egan
Mrs Sue Pols

Stage 2

Mrs Allyson Reimer
Mrs Pauline Kojic
Mrs Helen Harper
Mrs Carolyn Viera

Stage 3

Miss Judy Gray
Mrs Josie Malvagna
Mr Emmanuel Sultana
Mrs Sally Shadlow
Mrs Leanne Ryan

Diversity Leader / Reading Recovery
Mrs Ainsley McNichol
EMU Specialist Teacher Mrs Annemarie Bond
Teacher Assistants

Mrs Therese Bradley
Miss Vanessa Muscat                                                                                                                                                              Mrs Teresa Sacqualini

Creative Arts Teacher (RFF) Mrs Maria Famularo
PE / Italian Teacher (RFF) Mrs Karen Buccini
School Counselor Mrs Jordan Gorham
Finance Secretary Mrs Cheryl Bolton

Mrs Alba Kernahan
Mrs Vanessa Bonadio

Canteen Supervisor Michelle Saliba
Maintenance / Grounds  Mr Terry Munsey


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