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Social Skills

St Monica’s Primary follows a Social Skills program that looks at bullying in Term 1; respect of self, others, the environment and God in Term 2; the development of skills in group situations in Term 3; and an emphasis on personal safety and strategies to deal with a variety of situations in Term 4.

Our Social Skills program K-6, is guided by the PDHPE syllabus and the Talking and Listening Component of the English syllabus. We also incorporate the Peer Support Program which complements and reinforces the school program.

Religious Education

Religious Education is a vital part of the overall learning at St Monica’s. Based on the Parramatta Diocese Curriculum of Sharing Our Story, Religious Education is taught everyday in all grades, and is enriched by daily prayer, guided meditation and celebration of the Word of God.

Pastoral Care

Our school community strongly supports the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. Families are supported in times of sickness or grief through the Parent Representative Group, providing transport, meals or home visits. Children who may need hospital care are given a gift basket of “goodies” and we celebrate the birthday, of a relative or personal best of students through our newsletter.

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a support program offered to children who experience grief or loss through death of a relative or friend, marriage separation or divorce. The program is offered to all children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and is an 8 week program followed by 2 'reconnector' meetings later in the year.


As a whole school community we celebrate Mass once a term. Each module, K-2, 3-4, 5-6 also celebrate Mass once a term. Children from Years 3-6 have the opportunity to go to Reconciliation each term and regular visits to our Parish Church complement many units in our RE program. Class prayer liturgies happen regularly, and prayer is an integral part of daily life at St Monica’s.

Sacramental Program

Sacramental programs are run by the Parish. School staff are involved in supporting the programs by active participation in preparation, celebrations and promotion of these sacraments. Our Religious Education curriculum allows further insight into the sacraments throughout primary school years.


St Monica’s school community enjoys supporting many charities and outreach programs. Red Nose Day, Daffodil Day, St Vincent de Paul and Hawkesbury Christian Church food drives, San Miguel and Bandana Day are just a few of the projects we have supported.

Each class works to raise the funds to support a child through World Vision, an outreach project that has been running in our school for over 10 years.

Gifted and Talented

Over the past three years, a Gifted & Talented program has been initiated within the K-2 module involving research skills and literacy studies. This year, Years 1-4 are involved in a variety of contracts based around themes, novels and special interests. The children have the opportunity to present their projects to their group and classmates.


The St Monica’s Choir is offered to children from Years 2-6. The group is often split into a Junior and Senior Choir.

They are encouraged to perform in a variety of activities including school assembles, liturgies and performances within the local community.

They experience signing rounds, 21 part harmonies, cultural music, contemporary and classical music, as well as learning the music to accompany MusicaViva.


St Monica’s students have the opportunity to participate in an extensive range of both team and individual sports. Through the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Primary Schools Sports Association, students have the opportunity to try out for representative sports teams in diving, basketball, tennis, cricket, touch football, softball, soccer, rugby union, rugby league, hockey, netball and Australian rules.

Our school swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals provide a platform for children to represent the school at Zone, Diocesan, CPS, State and ultimately, National levels. Staff members also support the children’s participation in local netball, softball, cricket and rugby league competitions.

Our specialist and class sports program are designed to develop the children’s sporting skills in a non-competitive, supportive learning environment.

A diverse range of sports make up our Term 4 paid sport program utilising many of our community sporting facilities. This program includes tennis, swimming, indoor netball, squash, indoor cricket, and lawn bowls/Bocce.

Student Representatives

Essential to the school’s commitment to open, honest communication is the Student Representatives Program. Each term, two students from our fifteen class groups are elected to be their Student Representative. Their role is to conduct class meetings, to meet regularly with the Assistant Principal and to report back to their class group following Student Representative meetings. The strength of this program lies in the opportunity children have to discuss the positive aspects of school life and the aspects of school life that need to be amended.

Peer Support

The aim of peer support at St Monica’s is to provide an opportunity for children to work together in small K-6 groups allowing them to develop a peer network.

The program begins with a leadership training program of the Year 6 children. The children learn how to manage a small group, recognise and be able to cater for differences in their group, as well as learn a variety of strategies and games that can be used in each session.

The program consists of 5 sessions. Each session focuses on the social skills from the social skills program.

Session 1 - Getting to Know You
Session 2 - Including Others
Session 3 - Good Listener
Session 4 - Communicating
Session 5 - Being a Good Friend

The children in each group are led by their Year 6 leader. The classroom teacher provides support to the Year 6 leader if needed.

At the end of the 5 sessions, the Peer Support Groups participate in a Mass together.

Special Education

It is the belief and practice of the staff of St Monica’s School, Richmond, that wherever possible, children with special needs should be integrated into the mainstream classroom. The philosophy is one of inclusion--inclusion meaning recognising the importance and dignity of individual students. A variety of models is used from team teaching to group or individual, and withdrawal, depending on the needs of the student and teachers involved.

The responsibility for children with special needs rests with the whole school. The Special Education teacher and Teacher’s Assistant are key people in the whole-school approach to children with special needs.

Parent Tutor Program

The Parent Tutor Program is a Literacy program taught by trained parents, and supervised and facilitated by a Special Education Teachers Assistant, and Special Education Teachers. This program is for Years 3-6 students who are having difficulties with decoding, encoding and comprehending. The program runs for 30-45 mins, twice weekly on a 1:1 basis. This program has been running successfully for over 10 years.

Peer Reading Tutor Program

The Peer Reading Tutor Program is a reading program run by trained Year 6 tutors. The sessions run three mornings each week for 20 minutes from 8.30am – 8.50am.

Tutors in the program are supervised by the Special Education teacher, and the children who are assisted with their reading, are selected from Years 1 and 2.

This program has been successfully run for the past 5 years.

Autism Unit – Learning Support Centre

The LSC is one of ten satellite classes supported from the Western Sydney School for children with Autism.

St Monica’s, as the host school, works in partnership with Aspect by providing integration involving spiritual, social, academic and sporting opportunities.

The class is a primary class for children aged from nine to twelve years and is supported by a teacher and teacher’s aide.

Integration is accommodated in the mainstream classroom, with the assistance of an aide, with a view to independent integration where possible.

Students are included in some programs on a regular basis e.g. whole school activities, playground activities and some excursions.


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